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MPL-001 'Dolphin' - Mud Pit Level Sensor


Part Number: MPL- 001


4...20 mA 2 wire current loop output


Zone 0 Ex ia IIC ATEX Certification


Ultrasonic level transmitter for up to 12m with built in intelligent adaptive detection to prevent false echo


2" NPT Connection


Comparison to other mud pit level sensor


IP66 and accepts any type of connection



(CSA and EAC Pending)

Technical Data Connection Options
Operating temp: - 40 ...+   80 degrees C Cable (available with connector as well)
- 40 ...+ 180 degrees F + Loop Red (+ Current)
Certification: ATEX, IECEx, CSA  - Loop Black (- Current)
Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
Protection: IP 66 Output Limits
Material Sensing Area Plastic

The 4 and 20mA limits are set by the user.

Material Housing Glass filled Plastic

The 4 or the 20mA can be the max or min levels

Material Cover: Glass filled Plastic
Material Thread: Plastic
Sonar Frequency: 50 kHz
Accuracy (at 12m): +/- 30mm
Precision (at 12m): +/- 10mm
Requirements: Minimal interferences
and distance from side
as d=0.105xh
IP 65 and Ex ia IIC T4
ATEX [Certificate] Setup
IECEx [Certificate] -Device has two buttons to set min and max levels with a
CSA [Certificate Pending] large display to see results of setup.
EAC (Russia) [Certificate Pending] -For minimal interferences, install at a distance (d) from the
side of the mud pit as per ( d = 0.105 x pit depth (h) )
Best suited to work with the following MTL Installation Manual
isolator: MTL5541 Quick Start Guide


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