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JSK-001 'Salamander' - Multi-Axis Zone Zero 2 Wire Joystick


Part Number: JSK - 001


A multi-axis mechanical joystick featuring fully

certified electronics for each axis output.

Not relying on 'simple apparatus'


Each Axis has a 4...20 mA 2 wire current loop output from an absolute encoder with Zone 0 certification



7 absolute bits / 128 steps

per the 45 degree movement within 16mA

(+/- 22.5 degrees per axis)

Technical Data Connection Options
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degrees C Cable or 5 pin Turck Mini
-   4 ...+ 140 degrees F Cable Connector
Certification: ATEX, IECEx, CSA + Loop X Red Pin 1
Weight: 14 lbs (4 kg)  - Loop X Black Pin 2
Protection: IP 66 + Loop Y White Pin 4
Material Encoder: Stainless Steel

 - Loop Y

Blue Pin 5
Material Enclosure Coated Aluminum

Material Mechanism: Anodized Aluminum Output
Material Bellows: Molded Rubber -Each axis has a 4...20mA output.
  -For the multi-axis version, both axis work simultaneously.
Special Options  In other words, the user can rotate the joystick the full 360
-Different connectors and or cable glands  degrees to give a full '3D' output
-Different mounting hole arrangements -Each axis moves 22.5 degrees in each direction (total 45)
-Colour coding to customer requirements
-Adding customer logo for seamless integration Range of each axis (current and movement)
Negative Axis Zero Positive Axis
Certification 4mA (-22.5) 12mA (0) 20mA (+22.5)
IP 66 and Ex ia IIC T4
ATEX  [Certificate] Features
IECEx  [Certificate] -Spring return to zero mechanism
CSA  [Certificate] -Indent locations, user feels a 'click' at 30% intervals
GOST (CU) [Certificate] -Full and true quad-certification
Best suited to work with the following MTL -Full IP66 enclosed system

 isolator: MTL5541 (one per axis)

-Axis directions engraved on unit itself
We use a fully certified enclosure from Phoenix Mechano.
This guarantees IP66 protection and a sturdy frame


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