Rig Instrumentation / Sensors for Mud Logging   

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Mud Flow Level Return Sensor / Transmitter (Dragon)


The original and only fully certified unit on the market!


Stainless steel paddle type flow line sensor that uses an intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC (Zone 0) 10 bit absolute encoder to monitor the movement of the paddle.  2 wire 4...20mA output.




Hook Load / Dead Line Sensor (Pit Bull)


Hook Load Sensor with a field replaceable load cell, for cable diameters up to 2.5".  Aluminum and stainless steel construction.  Simple ratchet arm for tightening and calibration.




Mud Pit Level Sensor (Dolphin)

Hohner has now developed it's own ultrasonic mud pit level sensor designed specifically for the mud logging applications.  It's a compact unit at a very lost cost using the latest technology and components - all backed by the Hohner quality.




Hammer Union Pressure Sensor (Ram)


Our Hammer Union Pressure Sensor is designed specifically for the oil & gas sector.  It's a compact unit, built with new technology, providing a better price point than the competition.  Wetted parts are Inconel and all flanges are welded shut.  Up to 15,000 psi and 1502 size.


Certification Pending

Fractional Mud Pump Stroke Counter (Scorpion)



Brand new patent pending concept


Stainless steel sensor provides a 4...20mA signal for the full pushrod movement, giving an absolute position of the pushrod.  Not only does it measure strokes, but it also measures down to 1/256 of a stroke.  A pivot arm is position towards the pushrod, and our spring loaded sensor monitors the rotation equivalent movement of the linear pushrod.




Heave Compensator (Shark)


Device used to monitor the vertical displacement of a drill ship relative to the sea, and the data from the drawworks can be compensated accordingly.  This device features up to 15m (45ft) length linear displacement.  Spring loaded, so no pneumatics required.  Any Hohner encoder can be used.




Geolograph / Air Line Retriever (Chameleon)



Pneumatically actuated device to monitor the up/down movement of the travelling block when not possible to attach drawworks encoders directly to rig.  Comes with 100m of thick cable and encoder.  Internal mechanism prevents mis-counts.  Magnetic safety brake built in as standard.  Lightweight construction at under 50 Kg.






Industry standard clear acrylic type calcimeter with a digital pressure sensor and stainless steel relief valve for easy operation.


Multi-Axis Joystick (Salamander)


First truly quad-certified Multi-Axis Zone 0 Joystick


Self contained, IP66 Joystick, using truly certified electronics (not simple apparatus) to generate two 4...20MA signals, one per axis.  Allowing the user full 360 degree rotation of the joystick.  Each axis uses our intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC (Zone 0) 10 bit absolute encoder to give position feedback.




DrawWorks Encoders


Complete range of encoders designed to be used on Draw Works.  Intrinsically Safe, Ex ia IIC or IIB (Zone 0) and IP66/X7.  Shafts from 5/8" threads up to 2" threads.  Standard hollow shaft available as well.




TopDrive Encoders


An extremely heavy duty Top Drive motor encoder, 12 pounds of solid stainless steel in a flame proof Ex d IIC (Zone ) housing.  Electronics can be incremental, absolute or tachometer.




Coil Tubing and Wireline Encoders



A compact range of encoders based on the standard US sizes (2.5" square and round, 2.0" square and round).  Comes with either NAMUR or Voltage electronics.

Intrinsically Safe, Ex ia IIC or IIB (Zone 0)


2.5" Solid Shaft - NAMUR  /  Voltage

2.0" Solid Shaft - NAMUR  /  Voltage

2.0" Hollow Shaft - NAMUR  /  Voltage


A compact replacement for the TRD type encoder is also available in stainless steel with fully certified and upto date electronics


TRD - NAMUR  /  Voltage



600 and 100 bar Submersible Encoders (Chimaera)


New range of submersible encoder rated down to 600 bar (6,000m) depth.  The standard unit goes down to 100 bar and uses a special shaft seal.  For depths down to 600 bar we use a patent pending magnetic coupling to ensure no moving parts are exposed.


Aluminum or stainless steel.

Standard or Intrinsically Safe electronics.


100 bar - Incremental / Absolute / Position 4...20mA


600 bar - All versions



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